the one true plate?

it shouldn’t surprise me, but it did, when i saw this on a truck this morning:

whtdvl plate

it should be noted this was NOT this guy’s plate number (although according to TXDoT it is already in use by SOMEBODY) and while they don’t emboss letters like they used to, i thought it looked cooler, and since i had to drop the plate i made on into photoshop to save it anyway, i decided to retro it a bit like that…

but why do christians get their own plate? nobody else does, religion-wise. i mean, i’m not ignorant enough to pretend that’s christianity isn’t the dominant religion in texas, and it’s always amused me that when people refer to “religious people” they don’t mean devout hindus or muslims – those people are called “extremists”. christians seem to feel they monopolize the phrase “religious people”, although it seems to me it should be people of all faiths. so while i know we’ll never see this:


it seems like we should see this:


or this…


or…well…you get the idea. not EVERYBODY is christian, my good texas people – maybe it’s time to stop ramming it down people’s throats as if it’s some kind of…


and that’s one to grow on!

one to grow
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