wealthy world domination wednesday

i had this theory that i’m still not sure if i can let go of…

…although i’m closer to doing so now.

which sucks – ’cause it was the main premise of this bit.

in short form, it was that trump was part of a “get some wealth in the white house” group whereby it’ll come down to either him or hillary, both insanely wealthy folks, and it would probably be hillary ’cause who the fuck is gonna go this way with their vote?


but then came this article…


and now i gotta say i believe he might can do it. he DOES have some positive qualities – let’s face it, there’s not a politician out there that doesn’t have a personal unpopular opinion on SOMETHING, bet it women or immigrants or gays or whatever…you just never get to know it, because rather than saying how they actually feel, they cover it in PC speak or just make their comments behind closed doors when the cameras are off.

with trump you fucking KNOW how he feels.

down side? this shit might bankrupt him – campaigning is expensive as fuck (presidential campaigns – GOOD ones – cost over $1,000.000.00 a day) and the don ain’t raising shit for cash. yeah, he’s GOT quite a bit, but best reports are his liquidity ain’t what it used to be, and with nbc and other past paychecks drying up because of his public hatred of all things mexican or female his revenue streams are starting to run dryer than west texas in july. but the two biggest costs in campaigning are transportation:

Boeing-727-23-Donald-Trump trump-plane

which is clearly not a problem; and then there is marketing and advertising, but the media keeps flocking to this orange-haired train wreck, so why the fuck would he need to pay to be on tv any more than he’s already getting for free?

i think if he can keep the spotlight at least partially on himself, he might have a real chance here…any maybe every day will be wealthy world domination wednesday? i guess we’ll see in 2016!

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