seeded out saturday

no, the title isn’t meant to imply i’m spending my saturday thusly:


for three reasons:

1. this is a nine year old pic (fresh back from vegas vacation 2006, hence the wrench ring)
2. this was a week day when the ex worked but i didn’t so i killed time at heroes & legacies waiting to go pick her up.
3. the title is actually about religious corruption

seriously – i am the only one who hadn’t heard about “seed faith”? it’s a big ol’ pile of ridiculousness whereby idiots send in money to their tv “preachers” as a “seed”, the theory being the more you “seed” the more you “harvest”, i.e. the more money you give these sheister faith-based crooks the more money you get back. seems like the same theory grew an oasis in the desert:


and lord knows they NEVER turn a profit on that shit, right? yeah, these christ crooks buy PLANES with the money. live in eight figure homes. and the poor folks that send in the money? they get poorer and poorer and sicker and sicker while pastor bobby or whatever the fuck hops on his private jet to go to his private chunk of belize. and they KNOW it. shit, these motherfuckers brag about it to the congregation and they still send ’em money.

i guess you get what you pay for.

originally this was designed to be an outrage piece – about how pathetic it is that these people pray on the gullibility of their followers…but then something occurred to me: the people following them are CHOOSING to follow them. it’s not like they’re forced. it’s not like there’s a gun being pointed at them to step up and follow. and it’s not community pressure, like the church is where all the townspeople gather in their small community and so social norms dicatate this is where you spend sunday in their berg and now the whole town is getting sucked dry by some montgomery burns / reverend lovejoy hybrid…

(i might have to make that in photoshop just to put it in the comments later)

no, these are tv preachers, who are notoriously full of shit but people still send them money thinking they’ll get somewhere…and nobody ever does, but the foolishly faithful following flock of fuck ups still write checks. fuck ’em – they get what they deserve. they coulda watched any channel, but they chose that one. choose and lose.

does show character that muslims and buddhists don’t do this shit though, don’t it?

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  • sean M Sep 21, 2015 @ 12:07

    Rev Loveburns 2

    “i like to picture my reverend burnsjoy in the ‘house of the lord’, but rockin’ out like the devil should come visit and i’m in the front pew just hammered drunk selling weed to college kids…” – laura bush, former first lady of the united states

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