and the beats goes on!

it took three or four weeks, but i finally updated my phone o.s….

…what was the hold up, you ask?

well, this was the update that shovels apple music at us. in corporate american tradition, when a major corporation (in this case, apple) tries something with a bunch of media pomp and circumstance (in this case, iTunes radio) and a certain group of people could give a shit less (the “certain group” being eighty percent of the planet) you find a smaller competitor that’s doing it better than you (in this case, beats) and shovel money at them to give up the goods…


i was happy about this because i THOUGHT that it meant i’d get to keep my beats app and all it’s cool features and playlists and shit BUT have the metric shit-ton of music that is iTunes…but apparently not. the beats app WILL go away, we’re being told. when? nobody’s sure (or, at least, nobody’s saying). so while i’m normally very ocd about not letting those little red dots fill my iphone (for all who are on android, a red dot with a number appears on the icons on your screen to indicate how many messages or pending updates or whatever you have) i’ve left the two upates for the os and the beats app untouched…until today. why? because while i had heard we were forced to go the apple route immediately, it turns out there’s a small “not now” at the bottom when you open the app back up and if you click that all goes back to normal…

…for now.

in doing this bit i started reading some articles about apple music and it sounds like they might have gotten it right this time…but then again, it’s based off the beats app i love versus the ground up debacle that was itunes radio. so hopefully i’ll still be happy when i’m dragged kicking and screaming into switching (i figure september since the android store has an announcement that beats will be apple music as of september 2015)…and until the then the beats goes on!

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