it gets dark, it gets quiet?

i’d say i’m partially to blame for this, but i know i’m not…

…’cause it’s not like shit was ratings based. and also i haven’t been a nielson household in years.
(i was actually at one point, though…)

so earlier we had to say good-bye to letterman. i even did a bit about it. he retired, and even though i hadn’t watched him in ages i found myself filling the dvr with show after show his last week and watching the last one live. it was my way of sending him off even if, for lack of a better term, i had dismissed him out of my world ages ago.

(it should be noted that i was disappointed on a regular basis when i’d see a commercial with “later dave talks to…” on it and get excited only to realize said commercial was a show on my dvr and had aired hours, days, or weeks ago)

and now we lose jon stewart. again, i hadn’t watched him in forver…but now the dvr runneth over, partially because my recording of his last one (why i didn’t watch it live i can’t recall) got cut off at the end of his send off speech. sure, in this day and age you can (and i probably will have to) find it online and watch it, but it’s not the same as seeing it on tv like you did all his other great stuff. i even liked his failed fox show (remember “smoke ’em for the kids?” where he had people send in marlboro miles to get pool tables for a youth center? he got enough to get two or three!).

i know – we get steve colbert, who’s funny and biting…but he ain’t no david letterman. we get trevor noah, who’s stand up i enjoy…but in his routine he says we can’t tell him how to pronounce “zebra” as “ZEE-bruh” versus what apparently is the correct pronunciation, “ZEH-bruh”. fair enough – but likewise, you can’t ill out on american politics when you didn’t grow up here, have barely lived here, and don’t vote or pay taxes. like it or not, the daily show has become a political show, and when somebody who ain’t american dogs on the american political situation it’s waaaaaaaaaaay different than when somebody who’s from here does it. so even if some writers stay and the jokes are similar it’s just not the same…

…but again, i wasn’t watching either of them on the regular anymore since my nights are spend catching up on dvr’d stuff i can’t watch when the kiddo’s around. so i guess we’ll see if this effects me personally – but just knowing those options AREN’T there kinda sucks.

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