i’ll be damned – you’re not just a naked bongo-playing pederass!

every now and again life hands you unexpected surprises…

…and the last couple weeks handed me one i didn’t see coming:

matthew mcconaughey can actually act!!!

i know – i’m as surprised as you. don’t get me wrong – i enjoyed him as the lecherous statutory rapist in dazed & confused (yeah, i know – you never saw it on camera but it was heavily implied):

and let’s face it – that’s who he always is. snickering. slightly off. looking in need of a shower most of the time. allergic to shirts. but then came dallas buyers club, which won him an oscar, and i can now say it was TOTALLY deserved. we watched it a couple weeks ago and were, quite frankly, kinda blown away by his performance. than we watched the first season of true detective, and again were blown away. keep this up, matty boy, and i’m gonna have to think of you as a real actor and not some celebrity we austin folk are so used to running into it’s not even really “a thing” any more!

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  • Shane Aug 16, 2015 @ 10:31

    I haven’t seen it personally, but I read that “Mud” was good too. It’s on Netflix, so I might have to give it a chance.

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