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the more things change, the more they stay the same…


the first time i saw van halen was because JAB couldn’t catch a show due to a succubus relationship and i promised him i’d make it right. then i got hooked on seeing ’em, and the one time i saw them WITHOUT him was due to a chick of his as well…but, i suppose these things happen.

anywho, JAB & van halen have forever been linked in my eyes. i knew of the band BEFORE i knew him (by a few years) but when i met him it was his favorite band, it’s still pretty high on his list, which inspired:

a brief personal look at the last several van halen tours

right here, right now touraugust 5, 1993, starplex amphitheater, dallas, tx

this was a promise i made to JAB after he missed a show in january of the previous year and was pretty bummed out about it. i promised him the next time van halen set foot on texas soil i would make sure he was there…and the next time they did (after that tour, i meant) was on his twenty-first birthday. if that ain’t fate i don’t know what is! me, JAB, and our buddy rich (he worked at the club rich managed on sixth street) rolled up to dallas. great road trip show, and i still have the shirt!

the balance “ambulance” tourmarch 25th, 1995, hemisfair arena, sam antonio, tx AND september 30th, 1995, southpark meadows, austin, tx

this has a few interesting distinctions – the tour was so long i saw ’em twice, both on first AND fourth north american leg of the tour. secondly, it’s the first time i saw a vh gig WITHOUT JAB, because at the time (the first of these shows) he was dating a woman who couldn’t stand me almost as bad as i couldn’t stand her – but by the latter one we were cool as i recall. and finally, both venues are now gone – RIP. good shows, though…i think the one without JAB i saw with his sister. collective soul opened at least one of them, and i enjoyed them more than i would have probably admitted at the time.

III tour & summer 2004 tournot attended

let’s not mince words – VHIII was an abomination that is better off forgotten. in 2004 i was gearing up for alex’s move so that one didn’t happen for financial reasons. plus, she was the type that wouldn’t have been cool with me ONLY going with JAB, and he couldn’t really stand her, so there we were…

2007-2008 north american tourjanuary 24, 2008, at&t center, san antonio, tx

back with roth, i drank waaaaaaaay too much maker’s mark (didn’t get sick or anything, but don’t remember as much of the show as i’d like – do remember having a great time, and was glad JAB drove!). we were in the nosebleeds, but we were in the front row of the nosebleeds. i had a great time ’cause of JAB’s excitement level. as this tour was approaching he kept updating me on ticket prices for dallas (originally the only date announced), then houston ’cause that’s an hour closer, then finally san antonio ’cause that was the closest. great show, great time!

viva la van halen tournot attended

ticket prices for this beast were so high it prompted me to re-do their logo for a bit entitled “van hell no”…

…nuff said.

and finally…

2015 north american tourseptember 21st, 2015, austin360 amphitheater, austin, tx

yes, i know this is the future…and we’re looking at groupon deals on lawn tickets. welcome to the modern age! he has to check with the wife, mine says she doesn’t care. guess we’ll see if we get an extra add on for this later…

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