so, am i drunk or not, damn it!?!?

i know many things in this world are far from an “exact science”…

…but some things, you just figure are supposed to be pretty precise in the world. carat weight on diamonds. voltage on watch batteries. the temperature your AC’s set at during the summer in Texas. and, as important as all of them, the alcohol content on what you drink. i mean, if you can’t trust the label on your booze, then where the fuck are we? one of the “‘stan” countries? but sure as you’re born, we grabbed the last bottle of sangria that could be had in lockhart, it seemed, save for the boones farm variety (all the local grocery carries, believe it or not) and we end up with an alcohol rating that looks like this…


seven TO ten percent? really? THIS is what science in spain is like? it kinda explains how these inaccurate fucks looked for india and found the land i’m now sitting on, huh? remind me never to buy a car or gun or watch or…well, anything that these fucks design. can’t even get the alcohol percentage accurate on booze? talk about your irish sin…

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