missed it by that much!

well, i’m glad we didn’t put money on it…

…’cause i’d have had to pay up.

thanks to unprecedented rains in texas our summer started off pretty mild. i was having to mow the yard every other friday at best, and the temperatures were, by central texas standards, pretty mild. i predicted (rather publicly) that we were guaranteed not to see triple digits before the fourth of july, and probably not until august.

the ufc cried bullshit.

but the fourth of july came and went and while we were consistently in the nineties, that still only has two digits. and so we coasted, with days that seemed hot as balls, but we’d watch the weather and check online at the end of the day and, lo and behold, we would hit ninety-nine, but no higher.

and that was cool…literally…until yesterday. and again today.

fuck – i missed it by two days.

but, again, we didn’t put money on it – so at least there’s that.

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