crate fun for the whole family!

so, after many months of pointless internal debate, i decided to start a loot crate membership…

…and so far, so good.

this month’s was the “heroes 2 crate”, the first time they’ve ever done “a sequel”, which i’ll take it means they haven’t been around very long? it all sounded kinda fun, it was only twenty bucks, and so i went for it. here’s what you got this month:

a cool q-pop vinyl batman figure (adam west era), batman bottle opener key chain, and a hardcover book entitled regrettable superheroes for me, a zelda sweatband and video game cheat codes for “brawlhalla” for the kiddo, and a star trek air freshener (spock’s hand) and a wonderwoman poster that looks like a rosie the riveter throwback for the ufc…

(it should be noted that just her reaction to the wonder woman mini poster was worth more than twenty buck to me, and she got the air freshener since she worked at “star trek – the experience” in vegas for a bit…)

next month is their second sequel, the “villains 2”, so let’s see where that takes us…

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