slurp on it!

for the last thirteen years 7-11 has given away free slurpees today…

…which is pretty cool.

i’ve never been a huge fan, but when you’re in the mood for one there’s nothing better. the texas-born chain says july, being the hottest month, is also the hottest month for slurpees, both paid for and (today) not so much. the chain started in dallas and shortly after ‘nam changed their names to “7-11” (previously “tote ’em” since you toted your purchases out yourself), to reflect their new business hours, then the unheard of 7am to 11pm.

they experimented with the whole twenty-four hour thing in 1999 according to wikipedia (here in austin, texas) but i swear i remember twenty-four-seven stores before then…maybe they weren’t 7-11s? either way, the free slurpees are only from 11am to 7pm today, so if you’re reading this you missed out. here’s some compensation:


lick the screen – you know you wanna!

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