know when to say when

i think i may have a gambling problem…

…y’all tell me:

friday i bought a rockstar engergy drink but had a single left, so i bought a one dollar scratch off ticket and one two bucks. friday night i cashed in that ticket for a two dollar ticket and won four bucks. so saturday morning, when i did yet another caffeine run i through in my leftover single PLUS the ticket and bought a five dollar scratcher and broke even. sunday night (when i remembered i had that ticket in my center console) i bought another of the same and, once again, broke even with a five dollar win.

(i should interject here that no two tickets in this story, prior to or proceeding this comment, were purchased at the same convenience store)

today i took that five dollar ticket and traded for another of the same, only to turn around and win twenty dollars, which i then cashed in for a twenty dollar scratcher and won fifty.

then i walked away:


you gotta know when to say when, right?

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