do you want nines with that?

i can’t believe almost half a year before it’s legal, it’s a thing…

…and i’m talking about open carry in texas, which became quasi-legal recently and full-blown legal as of 2016. if you have a chl (concealed handgun permit) you can now carry UNCONCEALED if you so choose. again, the problem is it will more than likely be carried out by the people on the left in the pic below, which are more on the right in the more political sense of the phrase…


and texas-based burger heaven whatburger has already issued a statement that it won’t allow people to openly carry in their restaurants, ‘causing many of my friends to re-label and boycott them:


well, fuck – now i want a green chile double and they don’t make them right now. fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck!

moving on…

as i’ve been pretty adamant about, i think open carry is pretty stupid and pointless. i have yet to have anybody present me with an argument that even sways me. what’s the fucking point? a show of force? “oh look, that guy has a pistol – maybe i shouldn’t rob the place”? i don’t see this as anything close to reality. the reality i see in open carry is members of the general public, currently oblivious to the fact that i have a glock in my pocket (they just think i’m happy to see them) while i’m in line at the grocery store now see a gun on my hip and are taken slightly aback. if you need your pistol to show in order to feel more like a man you are a fucking freudian field day and should donate to your state rep JUST to thank them for their not being a more in depth psychological profile done to have a chl ’cause if they did, buddy, you’d probably be without.

honestly i applaud whataburger for seeing that taking the stance they did. they actually came up in the class i took a couple years ago as an example of where you might have to go back to the car and secure your weapon (chl lesson for the day – the second the luling eagles volleyball team gets in there it’s now the “sight of a school sponsored activity” and you’re not allowed to carry there). and let’s face it – most of us are in whataburger in the wee hours pretty fucking far from sober – and don’t nobody need a gun handy in that situation, do they?

hell, at this point i’m only up in arms (pun intended) against whataburger because the green chile double is only available in west texas, arizona, and new mexico right now – fuck that, bring that shit back!

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