a bright idea (in more than one way)

sometimes charity gives back to you…

…and it did in this case.

to be fair, “charity” might be the wrong term. i feel it’s every generation’s duty to give back, and occasionally that means reversing the “teacher/pupil” roles. sure, growing up we learned a lot from our parents and their friends – but as technology has progressed our generation has seen the tables turned as we have to teach our parents about technology. well, i don’t. dad and i don’t really have that kind of relationship and while mom’s gone, i knew her well enough to know she’d be pretty up to date on this shit on her own. but one of her old co-workers pays me to help her with techie stuff around the house (and since i get paid i guess it’s not charity technically) but the other day she had me order up something she saw on morning tv, and now i want one:


it’s an led light that’s not only controlled by a phone app, but it also has a built in wi-fi booster. so now if you’ve got a lamp, you’ve got full bars! that’s pretty damn cool, especially in older houses like ours where the walls are just thick enough to gobble up wi-fi signal. so this might need to happen…soon. i’ll do a part two to this if it helps the on-demand thing like i think it might!

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