and thirty-four years after i leave, i make my presence known again…

“if i knew then what i know now” we’ve all said a time or two…

…and that was me the other day.

it was a nice day – the ufc’s kid (i figure i might as well go back to her original nickname since that’s how she signs her comments) had a project due back on tuesday, and it involved a class presentation he thought was the same day, so she took the day off work…but then the teacher changed the due date to wednesday, and said any presentation was “optional” and not until NEXT week, so she had no need to be at the school, but had the day off…

…on one of MY days off.

so me and the kiddo let her sleep in, i got him off to school, and then we had our day together which started and wrapped with me throwing a bit of my photoshop skills into the mix for his project, which involved stating one fact about a country (he picked new zealand since the ufc went to college there) for each letter of the alphabet. she thought we’d do it in the dyslexic font so he could read it (which we did) and that they could print color pictures to put around the text to make it more visual, which he did…but i decided i couldn’t JUST type it out black text to white paper so we did this:


and about half-way through doing this, before we headed out to dinner and all, i realized that i wasn’t doing this for him…or even for the ufc…but for myself. not to feel like a good guy, and not to get laid later or something, but because i always loved doing this shit as a kid but was limited in what i could take out of my brainus and put on paper. but now, thanks to modern technology, i can get a LOT closer to making what’s in my head a reality, and hence got to do what i couldn’t do then now…

…and that rocked.

it’s a shame this is probably it for the year – can’t wait to see what else we might be able to get going when he gets to junior high!

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  • UFC Apr 20, 2015 @ 14:29

    You totally went above & beyond for his project! It was really cool how we came together as a family to get this done & then to see how awesome it turned out when it was all put together, gave me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings. 🙂

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