record (store day) skipping…again

one of these days i’m gonna make it…

…or one would hope.

as a self-professed (labeled?) record store geek it’s kinda sad i’ve never been to record store day. normally i don’t even know it happens until people start posting stuff and then i do a little research and, for the most part, find out about stuff i could have gotten and honestly could care less about. with the studio in its current state of disarray i don’t even really have a way to listen to vinyl, so on the rare occasion i can shoehorn myself in there it’s more often than not to drop it to mp3 and then listen to it in the car via cd or my ipod, so it’s not quite the experience it once was…

(it should be noted that some experiences are a bit enhanced by digital technology – for example, the album the fragile by nine inch nails is meant to be listened to in one sitting, in its entirety, and getting up to flip over or change a record SIX TIMES kind of takes a bit away, where as letting it play straight via my beats app on a rainy day makes a WORLD of difference)

so now i’m left to troll eBay for the shit i wanted to get today but didn’t – and i actually coulda for a change. i actually woke up early enough to have had time to go, but all the record stores i knew that did it were open at 10am which made it a non-thing before work. honestly, i could stand to NOT spend the money right now…but being a record store geek and NOT doing this is starting to bug me, so next year i gotta figure out how to make this shit happen!

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