look at mr. gray breathe!

i love when an upgrade also helps with worry…

…in this case, a crippling fear of repeating a really bad day every time we even have moderate rain.

see, bmw’s have this big fuck all air box under the hood, where the red x is here:

e46 innards

but the previous owner of my ride but a really cool dinan intake, with a killer carbon fiber down tube in its place:


the problem was it went SO far down the air filter and intake was down in front of the front wheel:

gray breath bad

it was carbon fiber, not aluminum, but you get the idea of air filter placement this way…talk about “how low can you go”?!? if you ran through a puddle more than six inches deep you ran the risk of sucking water into your engine, which i did in massive quantities in the bit i referenced above. not good. so i finally sprung for a k&n proper cold air (not just a k&n filter on a pricey-ass dinan intake that goes TOO low) and ended up with this:


it ran me $260 on amazon, but then i was able to sell the dinan for $227.50 on eBay…but now i’m waiting on the motherfucker to pay me! if all else fails it gets put back out there…as long as i get $200 back to cover my contact lenses i’ll call it good!

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