spring cleaning!

so, now that the bank thing is semi-resolved (chase account balance right, check card on the way, see if shit goes better tomorrow at the local bank then it did when i was ignored on friday) let’s focus on how to spend my days off…

…spring cleaning!

i do better with project lists, so here it goes:


the first is just outside the office, single width, and predominantly filled with old pics and some old computer shit. i figure old printers can be tossed, the pics can be boxed in one spot, the tools can go in the store room attached to the garage, and then there’s the iMac this site was started on…to goodwill or the smithsonian? the other closet is mainly just boxes i have no idea what to do with. in my head i can do both in a day if i really knuckle down…we’ll see how reality based that is this week.

the office (not the annoying sitcom meant to look like a reality show)

this is still a box fort, although some strides have been made. do we keep the ufc’s old couch? if so, where does it go? and what of the other furniture can just “go”? i can see at least two pieces of mine i wouldn’t miss from here, and probably a couple of hers. times like this i wish i had a truck. i’d like to see this semi-rockin* by memorial day…

*”semi-rockin” = i don’t have to move four to five boxes to grab a cigar out of my humidor in the bottom of the bar and the couch is gone for fully useable, in case the ufc is reading this and wondering what i mean.

the store room

attached to the carport and predominantly full of furniture i have this semi-delusion i can get some money for, save for some shelves i’d like to keep. and then a couple of pieces i could give a shit less about, which i have a feeling more will get added to that last pile. again, i wish i had a truck – i’d probably just haul the bulk of it to goodwill and call it done! this is one of those “key areas” of storage that once freed up will allow the bulk of the…well…”BULK” of the house to flow to cleanliness nicely…or so my theory goes. an april project in my eyes.

laundry (not a cop out like it sounds)

$476 is the estimate from the plumbers to fix our caved in drain of the utility room, which they agree with my drunken theory can be re-routed to another clean-out and flow on. my idea, and they want almost five bills for it. i’m not gonna skimp, but if it costs me a bill in material and more than two hours of my time (they said three and they’re “professionals”) i’ll be flabbergasted! i’d say “april” but i’m shooting for this week on this one as well…

(i know at least three readers impressed i used “flabbergasted” and a few more that will be impressed i spelled it properly first time out)

the “big room”

most of our home is one big room (utility, kitchen, dining, living) divided by a door, a counter, and strategic furniture placement. while the floor and paint will make a whopper of a difference, the shorter-term goal will be the kitchen clean out which the ufc has been making tremendous strides on, to the point where i’ll say memorial day for clean and end of summer for more remodel.

and finally…

the studio

this is the main cluster-fuck and storage from the move in the house and will take the most time. it will also take space to re-locate shit, which means it will be done last…i’ll say by xmas at best, spring break at worst, and drop-dead by juneteenth 2016 when the annual bbq makes its triumphant return to my place for the twentieth anniversary of the event…maybe even with real live black people!

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