R.A.M.P. project time!

yes, like my life isn’t hectic enough, i’ve created my own acronym to keep me going…

…”R.A.M.P.” – retarded-ass man projects.

(it should be noted that this was originally “retarded ass mechanical projects” but that seemed to pigeon-hole things a bit…)

i need to clean a bit. i need to organize a bit. but then there’s the fun work, or the “R.A.M.P. projects”. re-doing the intake on the car. seeing if i can accomplish the drunken-ass plumbing fix my plumber wants to charge us almost $500 for. taking down trees and shit. these are projects, but they’re a shit-load more fun than dusting!

let’s see how many of the fun ones i can get to this week…and on the up side, if i DO accomplish the plumbing one then i have to do laundry to test it, so the mundane housework becomes part of the R.A.M.P. project…bonus!

(side note – some of my bits of late have been super fuck-all long, so i’m trying to inter-disperse with some briefer ones for those playing catch-up…plus it’s been a super long stressful day, so this is honestly all i’ve got on this one unfortunately)

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  • Kramer Apr 9, 2015 @ 10:09

    Build a better street bike…

    New skate board…

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