get your hands out of my pants!

you never think it’ll happen to you…

…and i can’t figure out how it did.

but somehow my bank card got compromised. it started on monday – or at least that’s when i noticed the first bullshit charges. there was a small one ($3.50) followed by an immediate credit for the same amount, which is a void and not a return so if you don’t catch it on the day it appears on your online statement it just vanishes…i figured out that’s when they check your info to make sure it’s right. then comes the real charge…

…and it’s still not that big.

i currently have two pending charges and chase and their filipino call center is kinda dragging ass at resolving things. yeah, i was able to get the card cancelled, and for the first time since monday i had no “mystery charges” today, but i think it might be time to split my banking wad here and go local.

been a while…and they’ve come a long way.

i parted ways with my local bank back in the nineties because when visa debit cards first came out they actually did a credit check for them like it was a real credit card…and i didn’t pass. so i bailed ’em and went to national banks…but now that i’ve dealt with THIS bullshit i just happened to be in there paying on my safety deposit box (and adding the ufw to it…although now that means i have one less place to hide xmas shit) and i started talking to them. no more credit check bullshit. atm’s that take cash deposits. shit, they even have i phone app and a visa check card i can put our picture on…holy shit, i think it might be time to go back local…sorta. i’m gonna keep the chase card for just such the austin run around stuff, but considering there’s been multiple times i’ve had to run to kyle or buda or something ’cause there’s no chase branch in lockhart or even san marcos, i feel i’m way overdue here.

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  • UFC Apr 10, 2015 @ 4:54

    Something tells me you have plenty of hiding spots in the house. 😉

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