mow betta texas life

there are lots of things that have parodied life in texas…

…but i think king of the hill nailed it.

the characters, the lifestyles, the inability to drive in snow, and the yard pride. it was a day in the show’s honor that netted me my lifetime honorary membership to the professional lawnmower racing association on auditorium shores back in 1998…


…especially funny considering i’ve always owned push mowers, and there’s no “run your ass off” category (although for some reason their old logo showed a push mower?!?). but as previously discussed, i don’t even like self-propelled “push” mowers.

i am, however, loving FINALLY having a mower that works reliably and gets the job done nicely. our yard has never looked better…and the neighbors notice. not that they SAY anything, as i rarely speak to them, but i’ve noticed that when i do the yard on a tuesday (’cause for me that’s saturday) all of a sudden you start to here machines kick on over the next couple of days, be it from their own accord or the services they employ (depending on age and economic demo of said neighbor). one of my neighbors started when i was half way through mine. one of them had “their guys” out before the sun set that day. and two more were going when i got back from the store on wednesday.

talk about keeping up with the joneses…or mccauleys, as the case may be.

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