don’t trust whitey, part i for 2015

it could be some racist shit…

…it could be a social statement about the gentrification of the east side, but regardless business owners in east austin showed up to work wednesday to find this rather official looking sticker on their door:

white only sticker

needless to say this drew protests – everything from people crying “racist!” to the business owners crying “foul!” because they didn’t put them up to the city of austin yelling “sue!” because their logo was used without permission…

…well played, city of austin, well played.

some people that saw them early in the day were genuinely offended – but, of course, that had to just be some uppity white folk ’cause colored folk aren’t up early enough to beat a business owner to the front door, right?

i kid…i kid…

but what makes me curious is N O B O D Y is taking the blame…or “claiming credit”, as it were. it seems like if this was some kind of social commentary on the bastardization of the east side and it losing it’s soul to hipsters (which it is) as austin keeps making more and more “best city…” lists you run out of places to put the little buggers (invading white folk, that is). so maybe this was genuine racism? if so, why was this posted on businesses that are actually OWNED by white people and, not surprising given the economic demographic of more and more of the east side, are patronized more often than not by white people or, at the very least, people on the upper end of the tax bracket chart? i guess we may never know…stupid white people!

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