don’t trust whitey, part ii for 2015?

so, picture this…

…you’ve got to get to work, but first the kiddo has to get to school. you have equal pride here, because while it’s nice that your daughter is doing well and in a good grade school, you get to drive past your family business you’ve successfully run for years and you built it up with your own two hands. as you pass your familiar east austin spot you look over to see FUCKING BULLDOZERS and the business you built with your own two hands now a pile or rubble under them, complete with city crews there to oversee everything so you know it’s legit.

fucking white people!

before white folk:


after white folk:

pinata 4 pinata store

looks pretty evil, right? and depending on where you read the story, it is. i’ve always wondered about pinata places, because clearly intellectual property law doesn’t exist there. dora? pooh? hello kitty? i dare say the people that created all those didn’t see nickel one for any of the cut-outs on the building as if they’re the fucking mascots for the place…and the owner was convicted of buying stolen bikes in a police sting last year. yes, the guy we’re supposed to have pity on since he makes kids birthdays all happy and shit with cheap shitty versions of cartoon characters filled with candies makes side dough dealing in their stolen birthday presents…

…somehow the “damn the white people” stories didn’t mention that.

what does make the white property owners look shitty is that they demoed with minimal notification, the pinata place still had two years left on their lease when they bought the property so they’re obliged to honor it…and they HAD paid their rent, and as this had been a dispute with the property owners they even videoed them paying it in february (a video now entered into evidence in the lawsuit between the two). to top it off, all this conveniently happened right before south by south fucking west where an adjacent building was being used for a south by event and needed more parking that could happen, say, on the top of crushed pinatas leveled by giant swedish earth movers…

(wait – those bulldozers WERE “volvo” ones, right? *ckecks pic* yep)

but due to the controversy the event was moved to a less newsworthy locale and went on as scheduled, but elsewhere. i’ll be curious to see how the lawsuit on this one plays out…

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