the running o’ the stereotypes

all kinds of people protest about the washington redskins and the atlanta braves…

…but nobody protests notre dame’s fighting irish.

which is kinda funny when you think about it – because there are a shitload more people of irish heritage than there are folks with native american blood, unless you count oklahoma. but the who the fuck counts oklahoma?

(not meant as a slam to my oklahoma reader, i should quickly add…and yes, i know i typed the singular “reader”)

a couple sports teams have caused a ruckus, but an entire holiday of drunken idiots bastardizing an entire nationality in the name of a saint actually born in england, not ireland, who’s color was blue, not green, for a holiday that was actually created in america, not europe? perfectly cool. you know why?

because we irish folks aren’t a bunch of whiny bitches when it comes to that.

you know what we will whine about? when you fuck us over on booze on what is supposed to be “OUR” day! shane and i have many great memories of sean patrick’s irish pub in san marcos, texas. hell, even the ufw and i have a couple. but tonight wasn’t one of them. three dollar cover (that goes to charity)? no biggie. got a table on the patio. all sorts of awesome there. but you had to pay UP FRONT for your booze, and two beers (one can one plastic cup) and an “irish car bomb” (in quotes for a reason…wait for it) was twenty bucks.

that’s bullshit.

back in the day sean patrick’s used to do “saint practice day” on the seventeenth of every month, so you didn’t overdo it in march and stayed “in practice”. on the august 2010 st. practice day this counted as an irish car bomb:

icb 1

but today, this did (admittedly i should have taken the picture before it was consumed, but you get the idea):

icb 2

and that’s all plastic folks…and looks like a candle stand. actually, now that i revisit it, i think it might actually be a candle stand. but they did the shot in the middle part (NOT separated) and then guinness all around it.


what you might kinda notice about that first pic is a i cropped another pint glass out, which was a pint of smithwick’s, my typical car bomb “chaser”, as it were…

icb 3 icb 4

it’s not only ireland’s oldest ale, it’s the most popular beer there…but every bar in san marcos we went to has STOPPED CARRYING IT. had plenty of miller lite dyed green, though. i’d love to say my people would be proud, but…

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