i think i’ll take one, too

spring break used to be good for a bit or two for me…

…back when i did south by and shit.

but this time i think i’ll actually take a break. run some re-run bits and get shit done around the house. the nice thing is i FINALLY get to sleep the fuck in because the kiddo’s going to colorado. we love him and all, but a break is a good thing…and i have an alarm on my phone EVERY DAMN DAY – 7:45 on the weekends (for work) and 6:45 on the weekdays (for him). no days off. no breaks.

until next week.

i’m looking forward to catching up on several months worth of sleep deprivation next week. might do some bits, might not…but right now i’m leaning towards “not”. we’ll do fresh shit till the sixer, than run a few re-runs and shit…you’ve been warned. should still be fun reading, though.

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