i was almost extra proud to live in texas (i.e. motherfuck virginia’s backward ass)

not that i’m not a proud native texan, you understand…

…and i thought i had two positives here.

the first is housebill 150. sure, i bitched (and rightfully so) about the same-sex marriage thing. that bill is ass-fuck retarded (pun intended). but this one is awesome, and i fully support it’s passing – doing away with daylight savings time. it has no negative side effects, so i see no reason why we shouldn’t all support it. in an agricultural state it makes sense, but that’s not where most of our money comes from so it’s needed to go away for a while now. let’s hope we join arizona (never thought i’d say that) and hawaii in kissing this bullshit good-bye.

but then…

click gun

ONLINE HANDGUN CARRY COURSE? what the fuck? point…click…shoot someone FOR REAL? that’s some bullshit! if you’ve never shot a gun at a range with an instructor to show you know what the fuck you’re doing you don’t need a permit to carry…period. but apparently virginia allows you to do shit online with no range time, and they have what’s called a “non-resident permit” that anybody from any state can apply for, pay a benny, and get.

that’s bullshit.

and texas recognizes concealed permits from ANY STATE, so they have no way of knowing you just dropped $35 for an online course and the first time you shot a teenager that looked threatening to your white and paranoid ass was the first time you’d ever fired a gun…for once, and i never thought i’d say this, i kinda wish texas had stricter gun control.

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