5 droppings

okay, so technically it’s SIX droppings…

…’cause there’s six of ’em. but they’re some more random pics i found while flipping photos from my iPhone 5 to my iPhone 6, where the only casualty was my garage of three pimped out BMW’s on racing rivals.

which i suppose ain’t bad.

but back to the “forgotten images” (just random shit i found in my camera roll i know i saved for this site but never did shit with, basically):


so this is a rug the ufw got for our entryway. we’d both independently looked at this online on several occasions, and a special xmas price convinced her to pull the trigger. up side? star wars coolness. down side? it’s not that durable with the most minor of dog claw wear, so i’ll be curious to see what the shelf life is on this bad boy…


i hope people realize these signs are created, posted, and maintained by the towing company and NOT the business this is posted on, because the word “tattoo” is spelled wrong!


this one actually took the longest to caption of any of ’em…why? because i pulled this ages ago to make it my facebook profile pic but something about it always seemed off to me. that being said, i didn’t want any of my friends to pull it off here and use it before i did, so i went to make it my facebook profile pic WHILE i was writing this only to realize what was bugging me and fix it – i don’t have hair! so, i made a slight modification:

FB Icon

it should be noted that this constitutes another pic so we’re now 4 for six!


whether the word makes you cringe or you, like me, realize it’s just a word, it’s good life advice…

and finally…


“yeah, boss…i don’t know how the tires got slashed on the work truck…i just parked it with the trailer attached towards the back of the home depot parking lot and when i came back out they were all fucked up!”

yes, believe it or not, that’s a real pic of a real lawn service trailer in austin, texas. good luck to ’em!

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