lookin’ somewhere special for that special someone

i figure this has been out a while…

…but i’d just never seen tv spots for ’em, i guess.

i did the online dating thing off and on for a while. a long while. i always put this out there – “why are you looking for mister right (or mister right now) on here?”

it’s a legitimate question.

for me it was typically my schedule. in my current position, as well as back when i was at star tickets working concerts, my schedule was rather unconventional, working a lot of weekends and nights and such. that can cripple dating prospects pretty quickly. i had very few folks who actually answered the “why are you here?” question which made me not really look at them on the long-term…

…short-term if they were cute, but never mind that now.

one of my proudest moments (thus far) as a step-parent is getting the ten year old hooked on the simpsons. it’s even sparked a halloween costume idea for next year (duffman, because he’s dyslexic just like the boy) and so we indulge pretty regular on the marathons they do on the fxx network. and on those marathons (i guess they figure there’s lots of single folks watching, which is probably correct) dating site ads have been popping up…but not the “tradtional” ones.

now, i don’t mean it’s some fetish stuff, or some kind of swinger shit. those “special” sites have always been out there. but for the most part most other dating sites were pretty generic, save for the age or religion specific ones…otherwise it was just a dating site, but you of course could then set your preferences if you only liked black guys or skinny blondes or whatever the fuck.

but now the sites themselves are going more niche market, which for some reason surprised me…and i know it shouldn’t have. but the commercial for “black planet dot com” which claims to be “the largest free all black dating site” echoed through the house when i was in the kitchen mid-simpsons marathon and it surprised me. the bigger shock? “farmers only dot com” which is for country folk…is that really a demo up watching a four hour simpsons marathon?

somehow i doubt it.

but that site’s out there as well. again, i don’t know if dating sites have been THAT specialized for that long, but i gotta wonder what’s out there on an all hillbilly site…i don’t wonder enough to go see, but i wonder. my non-countrified wife takes care of me just fine…

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