again, the title is SUPPOSED to show a lower case “i”, but i know it doesn’t…

…which is a shame, since that’s how the good people at apple do it.

so, i’m in the midst of flipping from an iphone 5 to an iphone 6…of course, then we have to figure out what the fuck to do with our old iphones (apple takes them but only offers apple store credit, and the buyback websites are a joke) but we’ll deal with that later.

currently i’m in the process of backing up to my other notebook. the process is taking a bit longer than i’d anticipated, but it IS almost sixteen full gigs of stuff, so i guess that’s just how it goes. if i go more than two hours i’ll disconnect and start troubleshooting. i’m doing all this BEFORE i even activate the new phone, which is full charged, cased to all hell (we’re leasing, so i don’t want a scratch on this fucker) and ready to go. but before i started that up i wanted to make sure all data was backed up and such which, in hindsight, makes no sense because with the phone off network all data SHOULD still be around regardless, right?

just playing it safe.

never have i relied on a phone for so much of my day to day existence. it’s kinda sad, really. but it’s been a great phone, which is currently in a great case, and the improved to hell version of the case for the six won’t be out till april, which almost prompted me to wanna hold off on upgrading, but we got this loyalty discount for leasing that was only good till the end of this week, so here we are. great phones, cheap chinese cases (at least on mine) and we’re gonna see how this goes…

(now to check on the backup – a quick side note: kramer, who is a HUGE apple proponent put out there that he has always had issues getting the phone to just setup and ring on the right number and such and has had to use customer service on every device he’s done so on…i’m hoping that’s an at&t thing, but we’ll see. this is part of why i’m writing this as we go through the process…)

so, i had to re-start the backup, and i sat and watched it this time, and it appears to have worked.

in fact, it went pretty seamless. i AM getting what kramer warned me about – if somebody calls, both phones ring. same for texts, emails, and…well…everything. now, i can’t make OUTGOING calls on the old phone. but i can email and do facebook and shit like that – probably ’cause all the logins are right and it’s on the wi-fi? don’t know if the ringing continues until it’s re-programmed or what. i’m trying to remember to turn off the five when i’m not racing…

…that’s the only thing that kinda sucks.

i had a racing game i really liked and built up a nice garage of fully customized bmw’s…but i had run through all its campaigns, which means now i get to sit and do nothing with it, save for when it lets you race others one-on-one, which is only once every couple of weeks. apparently i never saved the stuff in the apple gaming center or via facebook, so i lose out on keeping any of my rides and, if want to play, have to start over from ground zero. this sucks for two reasons:

1. i really like my little fleet of grey bmw’s.
2. i have almost $50K in credit in the game, some of which i put REAL money down to get.

so that’s no fun.

but i figure if that’s the worst part of the conversion i did okay…and since you can race for pink slips in the game, i could always race myself and lose on purpose and get the cars that way, right? guess it all depends on how long we keep our old iPhones…

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