guess i shoulda just been all negative and shit

i don’t know how i feel on this…

…so i thought i’d share.

we had some unpleasant weather this weekend. that’s not me downplaying really super nasty shit, ’cause it really wasn’t – it was just unpleasant. as in mid-thirties and raining kind of unpleasant. but all the weather reports indicated some kind of super storm with sleet and flurries and ice and shit, but it didn’t happen. on my way into work i snapped a pic and made this graphic for my company facebook site since bad weather tends to kill business and hurt my pocket (which it did):

Polar 2015

which i thought was kinda funny. in reality, the “snow” is actually raw, unprocessed cotton because my neighborhood is surrounded by cotton fields so even now, months after the picking season is over, stray cotton that fell off the truck is still lining the streets here and there. there’s a “discussion group” for lockhart that i’m part of on facebook, and since so many people just post negative (and predominantly bitchy and hateful) shit on there i decided some positivity needed to be up there now and again, so i posted it there (minus the company logo, of course) and put, jokingly, “i wonder if the schools will be open on monday?” and even captioned that it was just cotton since i had no snow or ice to photograph.

it got a good response.

so yesterday i wanted to do a graphic driving in some post-game business after the cowboys lost to green bay (don’t get me started) and i came up with this:


which was the dallas cowboys star in cheese form and meant to be a hybrid of the star and the whole cheesehead thing…but the moderator of the forum, even though it had a bunch of likes (including the ufw) pulled it down.

so i’m kinda done with them for a while.

i guess if i had bitched about some vice principal being satan or how my kids lunch sucks they’d have kept it. fuck ’em, i’ll keep my positivity to myself then!

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