yes, you can help me…but can i help you? (a friday quickie)

so, the ufw and i had a minor disagreement the other day at red lobster…

…which sounds like some white people problems if i’ve EVER heard them.

we had a cool waiter, and i don’t remember what i said but he responded with “touche, touche” at a time when said expression would NOT fit the conversation there. and it kept going. several times in the conversation that goes along with decent service in a more casual, slightly upscale chain dining experience it came out.

it took days for me to decipher this.

what i’ve concluded is this dingus thinks it’s french for “thank you”.

there’s a line i’ve stolen from kramer (more than one, i’m sure, but we’ll focus on this one for now) whereby when the server comes and asks how your food is, and actually does so where you can answer*, you reply with, “yes, phillip, it’s excellent – you’re a really good cook!”. phillip’s reply? “touche, touche…” i wanted to correct him, but the ufw maintained that if it was a friend of mine, that would be one thing – there’s more of a comfort level there, and it’s not against social norms to call a buddy out on such a thing for his or her own benefit…but a stranger apparently is a different story.

any thoughts on this? apparently his friends don’t know any better, or maybe he just doesn’t have any? seems to friendly a guy for that to be the case.

thinking about that exchange i realized he was always saying it when a “thank you” was in order…and he mentions he graduates college soon? how? at least we know his major AIN’T french…and hopefully not communications!

(they are, in many places, trained to ask when they see you take a bite so all you can do is gesture)

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