the holiday purge begins

no, i’m not typing this with one finger down my throat…

…although given what the scale’s been saying lately i probably should be.

no, this is about cleaning out the phone. we should be upgrading to the iphone six soon and i don’t wanna deal with a bunch of useless shit transferring, so i decided to go through and clean out contacts and pics and shit and found quite a few i’d told myself i’d put in a bit somewhere or some such shit and so…um…yeah. here we are with that.

they’re all saved on my desktop, so let’s bang out the last 2014 sixer, shall we?


when i’d been drinking and had to piss this sign cracked me the fuck up. i don’t know which was more amusing: the cartoons of germs or the happy birthday suggestion…


yep, surprisingly this happened…in texas. just down the road from our burnet road shop, actually. not sure if kinky friedman came out, but if he didn’t he really shoulda.


this was from, who tend to send you forty-two emails about every promotion…this was the first one, and subsequent ones were mysteriously missing the cock and balls that were on this one. wonder if somebody got fired over this?


yeppers – even superheroes can get a little creepy some times…shit, at least you got candy!


while i love this sticker, it breaks my heart that i took a pic of something mounted to a fucking prius.

and finally…

quite possibly the nastiest pic i’ve ever put on this site, but daaaaaaaamn – her daddy must be proud! guess she showed him, huh?

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