well, i guess budnik won’t be getting my portrait any time soon

every now and again i feel we fail as a society because laws have to be created…

…and this is one of those times.

needless to say i’m into tattoos and piercings. it’s an occupational hazard when you work in the industry and all. i’ve been part of this industry, in one way or another, off and on for over fifteen years. it’s like any other small industry with a slight counter-culture element: it’s got its share of cool folk, it’s got its share of dirt bags…

…and sadly, this is about the latter. because the state of new york just had to put out a law that says that you can no longer tattoo or pierce your pets…which, from where i sit, should have just been a given.

then again, we also had to pass specific laws that you can’t FUCK your pets, so i guess this is a notch or two below that, in reality.

so now it’s official – you can no longer tattoo or pierce your pets. again, did this REALLY need to be specifically stated?!?

surprisingly this didn’t start with the goth cats. i just heard about this when the law passed and i read a few articles; but yes, that was apparently a thing – a groomer in pennsylvania was piercing kittens tails, ears, and NECKS with 14g jewelry and trying to get a bill a piece on eBay labeling them “gothic cats”. she’s now serving out a six month house arrest for animal cruelty…

…gee, do you think so? fuck, i agree with this, and i pretty much hate cats.

but what tipped the scales was a video that went viral of a tattoo artist who tattooed his own dog, supposedly while the dog was still unconscious from surgery. my question would not only be what tattoo artist cares that little for his dog, but what vet lets somebody have access to their dog while it’s still under? seems really dangerous on a LOT of levels…and really stupid on even more!

so i’m sorry, budnik, but even if you wanted to you can’t follow in your dad’s footsteps and get portrait tattoos of your parents…although your parents are certainly cool enough to be worthy of the honor!

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