i was denied my sweetness!

no, this isn’t about the ufw…

…she never denies my sweetness!

no, this was about a newer holiday tradition that apparently is no more. this time last year i was destroying my waistline with one of these bad boys:


it’s a “mint rushmore” from hey cupcake in austin, which most know as the airstream trailer folks but they actually have the bakery that makes ’em for all the trailers (and a sit-down dining area) across the street from where i work. it’s typically the crescendo of the seasonal ones in my opinion – it starts in october with the pumpkinator, a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese icing and graham cracker crumb sprinkles. that lasts till just after thanksgiving, where they drop the mint rushmore – an andes mint chocolate cupcake with mint green icing. it really reminds me of what my mom used to make me for my birthday (that was just duncan heinz chocolate with mint green icing) so it always takes me back to a happy place…

…but now they’ve replaced it with a ginger bread one. more xmas-y? sure. more happy for me? not so much…guess we’ll see if it appears after the new year. but for now? DENIED!

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