and the son has set

in many ways, it was the reason i got direct tv…

…or, at least that’s how i remember it.


i saw a mini-marathon at shane’s because he’d recorded ’em and saved them saying i “just had to see this show”. he was right. sons of anarchy was just awesome – it’s probably the only live action series i’ll ever own on disc. it’s a great show, well written, and honestly now that it’s over i’d love to go back and re-live the whole seven year experience.

the ufw and i might have to do it together.

i won’t give away anything about the ending, in case folks are like me and dvr to watch later and “later” hasn’t happened yet. but as compared to the incredibly lame ass soprano’s ending, or the slightly questionable ending to cheer’s or night court (exorcising all my tv demons here) i liked it, with the exception of the whole crucifixion / last communion overtones. but i’m happy. i think all wrapped up well. and now we all have a choice – the cool-ass box set currently available on amazon is seasons one through six, but sutter says you’ll get seven when it’s released if you buy it…


so do you do that or wait and see if a super fuck all cool box comes out that’s “the series” or something? we’ll see…but i’ll probably make the ufw start up on netflix with me…after we finish breaking bad.

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