you will save money, damn it!

fourteen times…

…that’s how many times i’ve hit the “unsubscribe” button on the bottom of emails. and it’s said i’ve been unsubscribed, but gives me the option to choose to still get them, just on a more limited basis. an option i’ve NEVER checked – but it’s still there, each time i unsubscribe.

seriously – what the fuck?

the sad thing is i’m only getting the mails in the first place because i was looking at some speakers for our bedroom tv the day before black friday (known as “thanksgiving” in most circles) and wal-mart had most of their black friday prices posted but the one i wanted said it was “so low the price can only be seen once the item is in your online shopping cart”, which you could only get into once you were “signed in” which meant giving up your contact info…

…well played, walton clan.

the real annoyance? the speakers (once i pimped my contact info) went for $110, marked down from $135. not huge savings, so i bought them off the sony store on eBay for $89.99. then wally world marked em down for their REAL black friday prices to $88…but it’s worth two bucks to me to NOT deal with black friday bullshit and just have ’em fed-exed to the house.

this morning, however, i had no wal-mart emails. so i guess the fourteenth time is the charm? i guess we’ll see tomorrow…

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