“yeah, that’s cool” = “i do” in our world

so, finally, a sixer about the nup-2-uhls and the NOLA trip and all that…

and, of course, we’ll do it as a random shit sixer:

muchos garcias – thanks to all who made it out. much to most folk’s surprise (including myself) my dad made it, as did one of my three cousins from dallas. i also went five for seven of my “knuckle folks” representing, with no-shows from lance (he had to work late, so that was a surprise) and ME (which wasn’t a surprise ’cause…well…she called and said she couldn’t.

okay, one more time – a sixer within a sixer, sorta how’d i do on that recurring shit?

i – makin’ it legal – done and filed and even facebook official

ii – get our grub on? – well, we never ran out of food and didn’t throw too much away…

iii – what’s yo’ number? – fuck it, one suite will do…although it did get a little snug for a moment there.

iv – are you on the list? – while there were some surprises as to who showed, who DIDN’T had very few surprises. there were some co-workers who RSVP’d in the positive and didn’t show that surprised me…but some of my friends in SA who said they’d be there didn’t show, and i called that long ago. hey, the person from SA i really wanted there showed, so fuck it.

v – the bitchin’ camaro has gotta go – up and running, top works, ac blows cold again, and it’s just parked…and still on craig’s list. any takers?

and still…

vi – to do it right or do it fast – we went for both, mainly ’cause mother nature pulled a fast one on us and temps were in the forties. at least the view was really pretty:

Wed Balcony

you be trippin’ and shit – every time i’ve gone to NOLA (four trips so far) i’ve driven. while the ufb and i have a lot of fun on road trips, i believe the next time (probably voodoo next year) is gonna be a fly in one. we might love the open road, but after eight hours yo’ ass goes numb…

mother nature doesn’t like us very much – while the weather’s awesome today (at least where i’m sitting and writing this) it wasn’t too wonderful for our matrimonial weekend, except for sunday. forties and misty for the wedding night (which was 150 feet above 15th street, so we used the “shitty weather” version of the vows i wrote) and it was cold and wet in new orleans…except for sunday, which was pretty enough to reach out and touch some sculpture:


(that’s bret playing with perspective – that paper clip is actually a sculpture around twenty feet tall)

no, i ain’t feeling it – “different”, i mean. that’s the most common question i keep getting, even mere moments after the ceremony…”so, how does it feel to be married?” pretty much the same, minus the term i use for her when i don’t just use her name…

and finally…

the re-christening – while you should marry somebody that can also be your best friend, which i did, and another term for a friend is a “buddy”, i figure since we made it all legal and shit the “ufb” (which stood for “Ultimate Fuck Buddy”) should now be the “ufw” (or “Ultimate Fuckin’ Wifey”). so it is written, so it shall be done…

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  • UFW Dec 4, 2014 @ 9:29

    Awwww, I love the upgraded title!

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