twice on friday?

sure, why not!

two little entries to tide you over till the sunday sixer:

“to be” is no longer “to be”, to answer your question

the a-number-one question i got moments after our wedding ceremony one week ago tonight – do you feel any different? well, we’ve been inseparable since we met, and we’ve lived together since july, so…um…no. if anything we felt a sense of relief – after a nice, stress-free run in this relationship we had three biggies hit in fairly rapid succession: first was moving the ufb in after her lease expired in july, then we had one month to get things ready to go for her kiddo to come in, then i got thrown into the deep end of step-parenting schedule-wise as i flip-flopped my work schedule for a month so he wasn’t alone at home (he’s only ten) and then we had to save up some dough for the wedding in november, plus plan the whole thing and pull it off.

so, quite honestly, married life is a breeze by comparison…so far.

in preparation of what i figured would be my most difficult (everyday) task i switched from calling her “my fiance” to “my wifey-to-be” back in september when we hit the sixty day mark, so now i just gotta remember to drop the “to be” and i’m good. on the up side? more often than not i just call her by her name, so that makes it all the easier…

this is pointless

the ufb’s former mother-in-law, who watched her kiddo while we were in NOLA, drinks what i call “brown water” – caffeine-free diet coke. no sugar? no caffeine? what the fuck is the point? it’s like non-alcoholic beer…all the bloat and none of the buzz? i mean, that’s what it is, but they’ll never market it that way. but i figure from the same demons that brought you that you get:


i mean, while “coke-a-cola” doesn’t actually have “caffeine” in the title, and “beer” doesn’t technically have “booze” in the title, monster is called an “ENERGY drink”. it says so on the fucking can! so take away the “energy” and what the fuck do you have? syrupy goo? fuck a big sack of that…

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