last one – promise!

so, the wedding is this friday…

…so let’s look at this sixer and see i fucked any of this up:

i – makin’ it legal – done and set aside

ii – get our grub on? – ordered up on the jason’s deli website

iii – what’s yo’ number? – fuck it, one suite will do…

iv – are you on the list? – the number should be set (especially since we ordered food and all)

v – the bitchin’ camaro has gotta go – up and running, top works, ac blows cold again, and it’s just parked…on craigslist. bummer.

and still…

vi – to do it right or do it fast – we’re going for both!

and that ought to do it!

now to decide if i run repeats while we’re away on the honeymoon or “play it forward”, as it were…

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