well, it HAS been a while…(a friday quickie)

i used to, with limited success, do reader’s polls on the whore…

…so i figured i’d try a quick one here. if for nothing else than to stroke my own ego.

the headers i’ve been doing (i.e. the daphuk graphics on the top of the page) – what do you folks think about ’em? any requests? just figured i’d put it out there. at one point the whore was rotating almost twenty-five different ones, but i think i might limit this to eighteen or so (currently it’s fifteen). any opinions on this at all? this new hit counter says i get over 1,250 hits a day – it can’t ALL be spam fucks trying to sell swap-meet louis, can it?

(yes, i even occasionally check my spam to make sure some you good readers didn’t get sent there by mistake – but now that the song’s stuck in my head…)

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