satan and stupidity (a tuesday twofer)

it’s been a while since i did the “tuesday twofer” thing…

…so here’s two quick photo bits that weren’t enough to stand on their own:

the satan

it only lasted for forty-eight hours before somebody else bumped me up, but for two days this was my eBay seller rating:

eBay pRide

the extra cool part? the sale that got me my “666” was an my iron maiden painter’s hat from eighth grade ($75 for anybody curious). TOO damn fitting! inspired the maiden header here…

the stupidity

i think these wheels are stupid as fuck, but to put them on a bmw (even though it IS an e92 and red) should be a crime:

IMG_2287 IMG_2288

(keep in mind i wear a size 11.5 to show how much these stick out)

hey asshole – as the ufb says, you’re NOT SPARTACUS! this shit is just over-priced stupidity (that’s a $500 rim you’re looking at, by the way). again, should TOTALLY be criminal!

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