learn from my mistake, part whatever

every now and again i like to use this forum to educate my readers…

…and this is one of those times.

so, with the demise of da’ whore i lost the email address associated with it. by all accounts it now points to my yahoo account, but none of the emails are going through – which meant i wasn’t getting any communications from eBay or paypal as those both go there.


because i’ve been there so long it used to be you couldn’t use third party emails as a primary, just a backup. “third party” being essentially untraceable web mail, like gmail or yahoo (which back then was more netscape, aol, etc) because you could easily take the money and run, so they wouldn’t let you use something they couldn’t trace. as a result, mine was set up with my work email (sean@startickets.com) and my aol (psyquosean) as a backup. even though i hadn’t used any of those for over a decade, i found they were still attached when i went to flip my pay
pal address, so i just deleted ’em all and put in my new one…

…and that’s where i fucked up.

because when you list something on eBay and set up paypal for payment it puts it to your email…and if you CHANGE your email on paypal, but don’t CHANGE the email in each and every one of your fucking listings, then payment goes to an email that’s just out there in cyberspace and they customer thinks you’ll ship but you don’t have any money…

…and that ain’t cool.

so if you change your paypal address and sell on eBay, go change all your listings – or you get to know filipino on the phone…minus the happy ending. well, i guess i DID end up with a bit under a bill in my pocket when all was said and done, so that’s a pretty happy ending!

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