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normally there would be a sixer here…

…and as i promised, it would be a “check in” on my wedding list.

but as nothing on that has really moved, i don’t believe (checks – nope) i decided i would do a “small bits” bit but there might not be six of them – i’m kinda doing this off the top of my head. so let’s see where it takes us:

back to my roots – my first regular writing gig was writing cd reviews for a magazine called “take 5”, and it was always new releases. there’s an album that came out a few years earlier that i still feel is greatest the band ever did (or will do as one of the founding members is no longer with us) and i have owned it four times over – first as the only free cassette i ever got off a sundance punch card (not that i didn’t buy enough, but if you bought sale stuff or used coupons it didn’t count and i always did), then as an import normal lp, then a cd, and then as a vinyl re-issue with the (still) world-record eight section gatefold:


of course i’m talking about beastie boy’s paul’s boutique lp. eventually this will get bought for a fifth time as copper decided to gnaw on said long as record sleeve (sparing the record, but not the sleeve). more samples than most people can count, smooth lyrical flow, and a nice balance of their later, slightly more mature fare and the blatant immaturity of license to ill. pure sonic perfection, and one of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time. personal top five easily.

hop & run – a note to anybody who wants to hop the white house fence and try and sprint in to say “hi” – you will get caught, detained, and probably make cnn, which let’s face it, is the reason most crackpots these days do their crazy shit. you won’t meet the president, but you will get to taste grass he’s walked on when your face is slammed into it by the secret service. worth it? no…just write an email (comments@whitehouse.gov)

here come the hatchet man – and i’m not talking about this idiot:


i’m talking about the new york idiot, who for some reason is now a terrorist because he converted to islam…or so it appears in all i’ve read. if he was christian, we would just label him bat-shit crazy for attacking four nypd officers with a small hatchet. but he’s muslim, so he’s a terrorist. yeah, that’s not fucked up.

and speaking of fucked up…

if you ain’t skeered that term ain’t right – a co-worker and i watched a video of a “drunken” idiot (if he wasn’t drunk he’s just really fucking stupid) attack a gay in a dallas airport for…well…being gay. and i thought they had bigger problems in their airport…

Ebola Cola 2

here’s my real beef – there were comments all over the posts referring to the guy as being “homophobic”, which is the common term for somebody that hates gays…and that’s fucked up. somebody who’s “phobic” has a “phobia” or “fear”. this guy isn’t AFRAID of gays (okay, he might be) but he HATES them. that’s just a hateful bigot. don’t give him the scapegoat term of “phobic”. ignorant…stupid…annoying…the de-evolution of man and society in general, sure. but “phobic”? no…unless you count “sophophobia”, the fear of learning and knowledge. i won’t post the video because, in all honesty, it clearly shows his face and he smiles at the camera proving he was proud of his stupidity, and i feel we need to stop giving media coverage to dipshits.

and that reminds me…

yes, popular kids can be fuck-ups, too – i was at the gym friday when all of cnn was awash in “continuous coverage” of a school shooting in washington…the big news? the kid was POPULAR, even recently winning homecoming king of the freshmen class. but his girlfriend dumped him, so somebody had to get shot. he was also native american, which i thought was the bigger news since there’s not a lot of those around anymore, and the death of one is kinda like a white tiger getting shot…it really diminishes re-population of a rare “breed”. at this point i don’t get how school shootings are still news, let alone how they warrant “continuous coverage” several hours after the school has been swept, the body of the shooter found, and all accounted for. move on with your day. he’ll already get his own yearbook page, why the fuck do we need to glorify this shit with around the clock coverage? half the crackpots that go all columbine on various groups do so for the fame and to get their name out there…maybe we can just let anderson cooper start taking charitable donations to say your name on the air and stop the violence of dipshits that demand their fifteen minutes? just a thought…

…and that’s five. close enough.

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