not too bad…

every now and again i get this odd sensation…

…today was one of those days.

i was wandering san marcos with the ufb and her kiddo ’cause he had the day off for “parent / teacher conference day” (we never had those when i was growing up, and that was in the same school district). it was when she stepped out of the hot topic dressing room to spin in the “plan b” wedding dress. seems she’s had a devil of a time finding a dress she likes that fits right for the wedding…

…and time’s a wasting.

we’re down to nineteen days. i just got pants. not that i was planning on going pantsless, you understand – it’s casual, but not bottomless casual. no, i just hadn’t really had a chance, and you can’t really do that shit online ’cause things fit me weird.

kinda what she’s been going through with the dress situation.

so today she stepped out, looking all cute and shit, in a dress i found on a top rack, way back behind a bunch of dresses that looked absolutely NOTHING like the one i saw, and low and behold it fit. well. and was on clearance.

so we had our “plan b” for her.

it was at that moment i realized that this was real. we were REALLY doing this. and that this was my life going forward…her looking all cute and shit, her kid babbling on about some pokemon something or other, and me just standing in the middle of it saying “uh-huh…cool” to him while fighting the urge to shove his mother back in the dressing room and join her…

…concrete floors + saloon door = law suit and permanent ban from hot topic, i’d reckon.

but this is my life now…and it’s pretty fucking cool. dropped the bulk of the cash out of my money clip within the same hour to buy a wedding license from caldwell county.

no backsies…we’re doing this thing.

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