sweeping up and shit

well, this feels weird…

…and i wonder if i’m blocked off some of your work web access?

but as you can tell, we have fully flipped the whore now to daphuk.com. it was needing to happen, i still own both sites, and to be honest i think (thanks to kramer) it went pretty flawlessly. there’s still a hiccup or two with images floating over (i found one and fixed it, i’m just adding the “…or two” in case i missed a couple) but overall i’d say we’ve settled into our new home nicely.

and i’ll admit, it’s nice not having to post bits twice (i’ve been doing that for a couple weeks now) – the bits weren’t a big deal, but pics were getting annoying. in truth, when both sites were up i discovered a week or two ago that i could put up links to pics over here and they would pop on the whore, but the ONE TIME i did it the other way it now doesn’t work (that’s the one i mentioned catching above). and while i’ve got some nostalgia for my old url, it always bugged me and it was one of those sites you had to tell people twice and then explain.

this one will probably have a bit of that, the main problem will be the spelling, i reckon.

the spirit (and content) of the whore will live on here, and in truth i will probably forever call things i do for this site “whore bits” when talking to friends and family about it – but it got me started on this path, entertained a few past girlfriends, scared off a few of the more squeamish ones back when i wrote more “in character”, and i guess is just reflective of my life. my single life officially ends in three weeks (in reality it ended the day i lay eyes on the ufb) and so i guess we’ll just throw a few changes around and see what sticks. i’ve got the domain (astrowhore.org) for another two years, so maybe i’ll end up using it as a sister site of fucked up shit like kramer intended? who knows – but for now we’ll just ride shit out here…

Headstone Whore
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