your filth is genetic, so just accept it!

i love when science comes to us…

…and for free, too!

this was a major break, because genetic and hormonal experimentation can get costly and kind of scary. but i just got to observe for free and draw my own conclusions, so it fits this site’s research budget, which can best be summed up on the bottom of my monster can this morning:


so the lgbt community seems to make headlines left and right these days…i’ve known my share of “l” (lesbians, who are not quite as humorless as jim jefferies makes them out to be), plenty of “g”‘s (gays) in my world past and present, and i’ve dated my share of “b”‘s (as in bisexuals, the “bitches” i tend to avoid) but i was “t”-less. never knew a transgender person…until recently. one of my co-workers announced that her androgynous self was “as most of you know, transgender” (in reality i don’t think any of us knew, we just figured she was androgynous and quirky). it’s an interesting set-up – he has no interest in doing any surgical alteration, still likes men as he did as a female, and just underwent a year (and counting) of hormonal therapy. he’s happy, healthy, and seems much more comfortable in his own skin…

…and that’s awesome.

in a “welcome to austin” twist, he recently bought his own home after an exhaustive search and his new housemate is another female to male trans who i believe is a bit further along. that has nothing to do with this bit, i just thought it was cool.

now, where does this grand experiment come in? well, i still clean the shop on saturday mornings – we all do it at various times, and i like to because it’s somewhat therapeutic and it’s good to take pride in where you work. on top of that, it means i get to see how my co-workers keep their work spaces and i gotta say, with this one as the testosterone levels rose, so did the level of grime and filth. this person that used to pride themselves in “keeping my spot a lot cleaner than the boys” has since become a boy and, along with the rest of them, slowly gone downhill on the cleanliness scale.

so now i know – we guys are slobs because…well…we’re guys.

which explains why it’s my day off, it’s almost noon, and all i’ve done is type a whore entry and watch sons of anarchy, right? i’m not MEANT to clean. it’s not natural for me to do housework…science has spoken!

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