sean, the “least”

i keep getting rated “the least” in many situations…

…ones i’m MORE than comfortable being “the least” at, i might add.

it all started when i was looking for work. i went to more than one job interview where they looked at my resume, looked at me, and said, “damn, you have to be the least dell ‘dell person’ i’ve ever met!”.

i took that as quite the compliment…

it kicked back in five years later when the ufb moved in. the more she got around town and saw and met my fellow lockhartians she started telling me i was the least “lockhart” “lockhart person” out there.

this i knew.

i’ve always been an odd fish in this small pond. truthfully, after trying (and not trying, on more occasions) to fit in and be rather unsuccessful at it i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m not sure if i really fit in anywhere; and i’m okay with that. i’m more than content being “the least” in these situations…and will have to add more to that column as life keeps chugging along!

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