to freak out or not to freak out, that is the question…

“i’m very sorry for your loss” – i’ll be saying that within the half hour today…

…sad, but true.

“i’m sorry if i hurt your feelings” – i rarely have to say that as i choose my words carefully.

“i’m sorry if i sounded like an asshole” – i NEVER say that because anybody who knows me KNOWS i’m an asshole.

but apologies to have a place in our world. they show remorse. they show a gesture of good will towards the person you’re apologizing to. they show that to err is human, but ask that you be divine enough to forgive.

all that being said, when i saw the cnn headline, “dallas hospital says they are ‘very sorry’ for how they handled the ebola situation? really? you think that makes it all better? and why the fuck does it seem everybody who dealt with the infected son of a bitch then had to go hop on a plane, boat, or bus for a few hours?

is there such a thing as a pandemic of stupidity? like my state doesn’t have it’s intellectual rep charred enough by presidents who claim to be from here (but really aren’t) or our choice in governor? now we dropped the global illness football? hopefully by the time you read this, this will have started to die down…

…and until then, pass the echinacea – that stuff fights everything, right?

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  • Kramer Oct 18, 2014 @ 20:19

    you can never, ever underestimate the power of stupidity….

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