you’re doing it wrong – and i can say that

this bit comes courtesy of my wifey-to-be, the ufb…

…although i’m kinda ashamed i didn’t notice it on groupon:

Speak Bit Pic

it’s a hell of a deal if you read it…a course, normally $219, now only $35. that’s fuckin’ awesome. you can save $184 and take a course on how to speak in public…but NOT in public. online. in the privacy of your parent’s basement. as you wipe the dorito crumbs off your black sweater and lament that your black sweater doesn’t match your black jeans or the black minecraft shirt underneath it.

i just don’t get it.

and it says it’s sold “more than ten”. that’s about nine more than i would have given it credit for, and that’s if there was no “more than” phrase in there. i mean, fucking seriously? do you really think you can conquer your fear of public speaking without actually speaking in public?

from the same people that taught you how to play guitar online without you actually having to touch a guitar comes…

…fucking hell.

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