it’s monday, ladies – so let’s NOT get high

men and women are different…

…that i understand.

in addition, fashion is cyclical – and if you live long enough, you live long enough for things to back ’round again…and, more often than not, if you didn’t like a trend on it’s first wave you probably won’t like it on the second.

and here we are with that…


ripped up? acceptable.
acid-washed? not so much.
HIGH-WAISTED? oh, hell to the fuck no…

look, these mom jeans looked like shit in 1984…and 1994 (not that they came back that quick, but they still looked shitty). same could be said for 2004 (see previous side bar) and now in 2014 (when they HAVE come back but really, really shouldn’t have!).

so ladies, before this really becomes a thing, let’s just say no, okay? some trends are better left in the past, where they shouldn’t have been a thing any way…

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